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  • Harness nameplate belt

    Exact engraving on plate (state "none" if no plate wanted)

    High quality bridle leather belts in various widths.  Solid brass buckle and nameplate. ( Top Stitching Available for a dressier look)

    The best way to measure is :

    Men, 2" bigger than the waist size of your pants.  example- you wear size 34 waist so you will need a size 36 belt.  This should fit you in the center hole giving you 2" smaller and 2" bigger.

    Women, measure through your belt loops while wearing your pants.  The size of the pants does not help because there are so many variations on where they hit you.  Some are high waisted some are down on the hips etc.

    Children, same as women, measure through the belt loops while wearing the pants.  However, if you specify, we can make the belt to fit in the first hole giving the child 4" to grow and still be able to wear it.

    Please measure carefully or call for assistance.  Because these belts are customized we do charge for returns. 

    Allow for a little extra room if you wear many items laced through or clipped on your belt.